Utopia District Podcast : Episode 003

Disco Meets Vaporwave, Forever!




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You have arrived at Utopia District, the premiere destination for vaporwave, future funk, and internet music, art, culture, and community!

Welcome, and please enjoy your stay! 

DISCO FOREVER! When Future Funk meets Vaporwave!

We are backstage at Disco Forever, a livestreaming future funk and vaporwave URL event, streaming on Twitch on February 13th 2021, presented by Utopia District & ED., with some of the hottest musicians and visual artists in the game! Featuring unique ‘director’ commentary on the delightfully unexpected results of the matching of vaporwave visuals to dancy vibes.

We are thrilled to sit down with Discoholic, FIBRE, Mere, ED., Pan!c Pop, Cobalt Road, SleepPattern, All Hell Breaks Loops, Nicoquota, Gbanas92, Prenoko, SquizzkleKop, and Moirebender! Join us as we take you behind the scenes into the green room of Disco Forever and discuss the nitty gritty behind the event, production intricacies, performance stories, and a whole heap of laughter along the way.

Check out the full Disco Forever event details, our artist and musician profiles and more, on our event page:

>> utopiadistrict.com/events/discoforever  


Episode Discussion Links:

ED’s New Album/Tape “Forever”
aphantasia 2000
Discoholic’s biggest fan

Vaporspace Online

Late Night Lights Festival

Flamingo Fest 2021

Aqua Fina

Guests On This Episode: 

ED. https://twitter.com/ElektricDreams_ 
Discoholic https://twitter.com/discoholicmusic 
FIBRE https://twitter.com/fibrealex 
Gbanas92 https://twitter.com/gbm_games 
Cobalt Road https://twitter.com/cobalt_road 
Mere Notilde https://twitter.com/MereNoTilde 
SleepPattern https://twitter.com/SleepPattern_AV 
Prenoko https://twitter.com/_Prenoko 
SquizzleKop https://twitter.com/SquizzleKop 
Moirebender https://twitter.com/moirebender1 
Strawberry Station https://twitter.com/StrawberryStat1 
All Hell Breaks Loops https://twitter.com/AHBLmusic 
Nicoquota https://twitter.com/nicoquota 

Music Played In This Episode:

Mélonade – Hear What They Say
Cobalt Road – Can’t You See

Strawberry Station
– Time To Myself
Madeon – All My Friends (Rhodes Rodosu Remix)

Pan!c Pop – !T Out (feat. Sixtroke)

ED. – Here I Am

Mere – Sweet Baby

FIBRE – Virtual World

– Discoholic’s Anonymous 

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