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Disco Meets Vaporwave, Forever!




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You have arrived at Utopia District, the premiere destination for vaporwave, future funk, and internet music, art, culture, and community!

Welcome, and please enjoy your stay! 

DISCO FOREVER! When Future Funk meets Vaporwave!

We are backstage at Disco Forever, a livestreaming future funk and vaporwave URL event, streaming on Twitch on February 13th 2021, presented by Utopia District & ED., with some of the hottest musicians and visual artists in the game! Featuring unique ‘director’ commentary on the delightfully unexpected results of the matching of vaporwave visuals to dancy vibes.

We are thrilled to sit down with Discoholic, FIBRE, Mere, ED., Pan!c Pop, Cobalt Road, SleepPattern, All Hell Breaks Loops, Nicoquota, Gbanas92, Prenoko, SquizzkleKop, and Moirebender! Join us as we take you behind the scenes into the green room of Disco Forever and discuss the nitty gritty behind the event, production intricacies, performance stories, and a whole heap of laughter along the way.

Check out the full Disco Forever event details, our artist and musician profiles and more, on our event page:

>> utopiadistrict.com/events/discoforever  


Episode Discussion Links:

ED’s New Album/Tape “Forever”
aphantasia 2000
Discoholic’s biggest fan

Vaporspace Online

Late Night Lights Festival

Flamingo Fest 2021

Aqua Fina

Guests On This Episode: 

ED. https://twitter.com/ElektricDreams_ 
Discoholic https://twitter.com/discoholicmusic 
FIBRE https://twitter.com/fibrealex 
Gbanas92 https://twitter.com/gbm_games 
Cobalt Road https://twitter.com/cobalt_road 
Mere Notilde https://twitter.com/MereNoTilde 
SleepPattern https://twitter.com/SleepPattern_AV 
Prenoko https://twitter.com/_Prenoko 
SquizzleKop https://twitter.com/SquizzleKop 
Moirebender https://twitter.com/moirebender1 
Strawberry Station https://twitter.com/StrawberryStat1 
All Hell Breaks Loops https://twitter.com/AHBLmusic 
Nicoquota https://twitter.com/nicoquota 

Music Played In This Episode:

Mélonade – Hear What They Say
Cobalt Road – Can’t You See

Strawberry Station
– Time To Myself
Madeon – All My Friends (Rhodes Rodosu Remix)

Pan!c Pop – !T Out (feat. Sixtroke)

ED. – Here I Am

Mere – Sweet Baby

FIBRE – Virtual World

– Discoholic’s Anonymous 

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Disco Forever



Streaming Live!

Saturday, February 13th @ 7:00PM EST



Disco Forever




The famed nu disco / future funk artist with a disco ball for a head joins the Disco Forever lineup to bring their brilliant sound to this rockin’ festival. Between the deluge of phenomenal remixes to their name, or the myriad of original tracks, Discoholic always delivers where it counts: catchiness. Look no further than recent singles “Discadance,” or the remix of Mere’s “Draw The Line” if you don’t believe us.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook


Owner of Montaime, the disco-centric label, as well as being one of the most recognizable names in future funk, Fibre is responsible for many of the genres very best. With appearances on their own Montaime, as well as Business Casual, and Coraspect, they’ve been involved with many of vaporwave’s best and brightest labels. With tracks dating all the way back to 2014, Fibre represents one of the elder-statesmen of future funk, and for good reason.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Soundcloud | Facebook

Mere Notilde

With appearances on Fibre’s Montaime, Tiger Blood, and Business Casual, the Boston-based Mere Notilde has accrued quite the following. Look no further than their patreon for proof of this, where they release a track a week to a devoted fanbase. With a unique, more eclectic chopping style, Mere’s music is particularly adept at getting up in your face, and encouraging you to dance. And in future funk, there’s no higher compliment than that.

Bandcamp | Twitter | YouTube | Soundcloud


Music producer, co-founder of the Skyline Collective, and co-presenter of Disco Forever, ED. (also known as Elektric Dreams) is a well known figure in future funk. Hailing from Miami, Florida, ED. has been dropping fresh tunes since 2015, and their latest album Enter The Night released on My Pet Flamingo in mid 2020. They’ve also inspired countless others to begin their musical journey by sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience with the community via a sizable number of video tutorials on YouTube.

Bandcamp | Facebook | YouTube  | Twitter

Future Funk Monthly

Tampa based Future Funk Monthly is a DJ and curator of (surprise!) future funk music. True to their name, they’ve been releasing mixes of what they consider to be the best future funk tracks produced every single month since 2016. No stranger to live performances, they’ve DJ’ed at events like Aessential and Flamingo Fest, and are sure to bring the heat as usual to Disco Forever.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Soundcloud  | YouTube

Pan!c Pop

A member of Kawaii Bass and Nightfall Collective, this Toronto based DJ/Producer is a relatively new addition to the future funk scene. Their debut album, 5!ve 5tar -featuring collabs with the likes of DUCAT and Tokyo Wanderer- dropped on cassette via Neoncity Records earlier this year, and has made a strong showing. Infusing the sound of vaporwave and future funk with elements of trap and hip hop, it’s clear that Pan!c Pop has a bright and funky future ahead of them.

Spotify | Twitter | Soundcloud  | Instagram


With instantly recognizable branding, (the titular “Mélon”) the Scottish-based Mélonade offers some impressively unique takes on future funk. With their heavy emphasis on driving rhythms and chops, Mélonade’s the creator of some truly one-of-a kind future funk. This includes releases that dabble in genres you don’t often see overlap with future funk, such as mallsoft on the brilliant Dream Plaza. This experimentation allows for brilliant soundscapes you can’t find anywhere else in the scene.

Bandcamp | Twitter | YouTube | Soundcloud

Strawberry Station

Between their deluge of releases, booming patreon, or written pieces for the now defunct Private Suite magazine, Strawberry Station’s name has been plastered all across the scene for years. Between appearances on First Class Collective, Coraspect, Gulf Audio Company, My Pet Flamingo, and even more, it’s an understatement to describe Strawberry Station as prolific. And that’s to say nothing of the now legendary video that closed their WAVEPOOL set in 2020.

Bandcamp | Soundcloud | YouTube  | Twitter 

Rhodes Rodosu

Living and working in Mexico, Rhodes Rodosu has been putting out infectiously dance-able future funk singles and compilations with their signature chopping technique since 2016. Rather than define themselves by a single genre, though, they’ve also recently branched out with their latest self-released EP Aeris, full of sample-free compositions. Whatever the style, you can be sure their music will get you moving.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Soundcloud  | YouTube

Cobalt Road

Though they started out with a focus on vaportrap in 2015, Cobalt Road has since evolved into an accomplished future funk and disco producer in the intervening years, appearing on labels like DMT Tapes FL, Business Casual, and Montaime Records. From their home in Orlando, Florida, they appeared in some of 2020’s biggest live events, such as We <3 DMT and WAVEPOOL. With plans to showcase all new music for Disco Forever, it’s clear that the best is yet to come.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Soundcloud  | Facebook

All Hell Breaks Loops!

Catch us as we raid All Hell Breaks Loops’ Twitch channel around 12:30PM EST on Satuday. He’ll be offering up some excellent visual material to be sure! Follow on Twitch below! He’s also open for commissions at the below email. allhellbreaksloops@gmail.com

Twitter | Instagram | Twitch

Visual Artists

All Hell Breaks Loops

All Hell Breaks Loops takes an analog informed workflow to digital media. The “ghosts in the machine” are put to work using techniques spanning machine learning, networked video transmission, bespoke shaders and upscaled visualizers. These techniques are combined with an aesthetic that acknowledges the legacy of the past, the promise of the future, and the reality of the dystopian present.

Instagram | Twitter | Twitch



SquizzleKop is a Multimedia Artist currently specializing in Audiovisual work. Based out of Tampa, Florida, their work utilizes a mixture of creative coding techniques as well as traditional video editing to try and tap into the heart of a subject, regardless of what it is, in order to make it flow on screen. From the very big projects down to the super small edits you can tell there’s a
little kiss of love in there.

Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Sample


SleepPattern is a Seattle-based cursed image curator and analog / digital hybrid hardware visual artist with a concentration on found footage, glitch, and video synthesis. Performing for just over three years now, they first fell into the art form after finding old public access television equipment while rummaging at an estate sale. It was all downhill from there. Aside from creating moving images and other TV Wizardry, they enjoy creating DIY hardware, collecting older cameras for use with their work, and pushing for a VHS revival. If they were a hot dog, they would indeed eat themselves.

Instagram | Twitter | YouTubeSample

Carbon Copy

A visualist that lives for the thrill of finding that which has come before and making it brand new again. Look no further than Carbon Copy’s Youtube channel, to get a look at an extensive number of visual experiments and more recently, music videos, as proof of this. Between their use of distortion and visual sampling, Copy’s visuals are sure to be a boon for Disco Forever!



You need look no further than Moirebender’s instagram to get an idea for what their visuals are all about. With a particular emphasis on hypnotic swirling vistas, the only thing more impressive than their magnetic visual style is the array of incredible colors they are able to imbue in each and every piece. Just make sure you don’t stare at any of the pieces of art for too long!

Instagram | Twitter | Sample


Indy Advant

Producer, dirtector, journalist, audio engineer, video artist, and more, Indy is the founder of Utopia District and is an irreplaceable member of the vaporwave scene. He’s produced / directed award winning short films / documentaries, worked as an editor for MTV Canada, and regards storytelling as the most important asset in the filmmaking toolkit. This love for the medium and a keen eye carry forth in the incredible, meticulous visuals he crafts for sets.

Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Sample


A digital artist, M▲XΣMUS is able to weave fantastical visual landscapes out of recognizable faces. Between the utilization of clip art, and a natural sense for marvelous color schemes, M▲XΣMUS is able to turn familiar images or ideas into almost completely alien concepts. This transformative nature is especially well suited to vaporwave, providing a brand new means of exploring nostalgia.



Prenoko is a visualist all about the “here and now.” To this point they have preferred to creat visuals live alongside the performance, so as to capture the visceral nature that music affords. Disco Forever will actually represent a first for Prenoko, as this event represents the first time they have crafted visuals for a pre-recorded set. Join us in our excitement to see how this change in approach translates to the festivities!




Music producer, co-founder of the Skyline Collective, and co-presenter of Disco Forever, ED. (also known as Elektric Dreams) is a well known figure in future funk. Hailing from Miami, Florida, ED. has been dropping fresh tunes since 2015, and their latest album Enter The Night released on My Pet Flamingo in mid 2020. They’ve also inspired countless others to begin their musical journey by sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience with the community via a sizable number of video tutorials on YouTube.

Bandcamp | Twitter | YouTube


Vaporwave culture, art, and community website. Showcasing the wonderous offerings the vaporwave community has to offer. Complete with Podcast, Art Exhibit and Index, Events Tracking Page, Articles and Reviews, and much more.

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After ravenously listening to as much vaporwave as he possibly could for years, gbanas92 eventually decided to do something with all that passion, contributing a number of articles to Private Suite Magazine before its unfortunate closure.

This led to his joining up with the Utopia District team, to continue to writing about vaporwave about as much as humanly possible. Reviews, news, and anything in between. When he’s not listening to vaporwave, something that happens admittedly rarely, he is probably playing PlayStation way more than he should. Either that or watching hockey.

follow here



3D Artist, video artist, and DJ. All Hell Breaks Loops is quickly gaining a reputation for the best vaporwave afterparties and livestreams around. Time and again raising the bar in the vapor visuals community! They have worked with countless vaporwave and future funk artists bringing their music to life through the visual medium: Sound Market, Tupperwave, and Saint Pepsi

They are also the resident VJ at Pacific Plaza Records’ VIRTUAL MEMORY events, and host their own Twitch channel you should definitely check out.

Booking/commissions are open! allhellbreaksloops@gmail.com 





Creator and collector of vaporwave artifacts; formerly lead editor at Private Suite Magazine; editor, writer, & admin at Utopia District and Arcology Online. On a mission to drift and compile across the wide and deep wave.

A netizen since Web 1.0, cerulea_d.lux seeks to illuminate all the corners of vaporwave and bring its treasures and their creators into the spotlight. As a long time fan of all things chill, utopian, and lo-fi, they proudly lend their support to Utopia District in bringing Disco Forever to life.




An experienced DJ and future funk enthusiast, icelevel’s passion for obscure music knows no bounds! A new member of the team, he has opted to leverage that passion into managing Utopia District’s social media. And he even chips in some writing with the occasional review.





Future funk and vaporwave producer.

Co-Founder of The Skyline Collective.




Vaporwave Community Project





Please connect with Indy Advant or ED.  on Twitter with any questions or inquiries.


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Disco Forever