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Quick Looks

We’re no strangers to waking up with hundreds of Bandcamp emails in our inbox. Sometimes, vaporwave moves at such a breakneck pace, it’s nigh impossible to keep up. 

It’s our civic vapor duty to share the news when we uncover something great. These are quite a bit easier to produce than a full-length review, so when we have a few quick thoughts, look no further than a Quick Look.

Physical Reviews

One of the coolest corners of vaporwave lies in it’s physical media. And collectors love shoving their wares off.

And what better place to show off that passion? The physical section will explore some of the best cassettes, records, and more, from some of our favorite labels on the scene. We only hope we can put even half as much passion into our writing as these labels do with their incredible work. 

Classic Reviews

Some albums are worth talking about no matter how long it’s been. We don’t plan to do these too often, but when we do, rest assured, they will be albums our writers are passionate about. Yes, we’ll talk about Floral Shoppe. Eventually.

Got an album you’re dying to learn the story of? Shoot us a message on Twitter or Discord and let us know! We love vaporwave research!



What Is The Point Of Reviews?

Some of you might be thinking to yourselves, what’s the point of all this? Why review music anyways? It’s all subjective! Well, sometimes it’s just really nice to read about an album you might not have known about or given a chance earlier. And it’s for the sake of the artists themselves of course. So many of these artists wear themselves ragged bringing us some of our favorite music. Our reviews will never be hit pieces. We want to celebrate the vaporwave scene as much as anyone else!

What’s more, hopefully as you start to familiarize yourself with our writing and writers, we’ll be able to start creating trust between you, the audience, and we, the staff. If an article is written by someone you find you share similar opinions with, it’ll be easier to trust and take their recommendations to heart. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll find a new favorite album just because you gave one of our lovely writers a few minutes of your time!

All writers own their own content.



Nanmi Blitz 1


TV2 Quick Look


 Full-Length Reviews 

Sometimes a Quick Look’s not gonna cut it. Sometimes we have too many thoughts, or they’re simply too complicated to convey in one paragraph. This is where traditional reviews come in. We do our diligence, listen to the album on repeat, and share with your our thoughts on the experience, score and all.




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