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What’s new in vaporwave!? Here we add any noteworthy news we come across in the community.


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Festival Flashback – Revisiting Tape Swap 4 & ElectroniCON4 (Part 2) | Episode 20

By | Podcast

Welcome to the Utopia District podcast! It’s been one month since the amazing festivities during the New York 2023 Vaporwave community weekend, with music fests ElectroniCON4, Tape Swap & Chill 4, Summer Slushy Fest, Music Website Presents, and A…


Vaporwave Megatext: Code Beast (2023) by Michael Uhall

By | Articles/Features

Vaporwave Megatext:  code beast by simon sellars Written By: Michael Uhall Published On: September 25th, 2023        Can there even be such a thing as vaporwave literature?   If so, what could such literature do, which isn’t already done, or done better, by other literary forms and modes of expression? For example: […]


Interview: Coming Out Of The Walls To Talk About The Music Of Aliens: Dark Descent With Composer Doyle Donehoo

By | Interviews

Interview Coming out of the walls to talk about the music Of Aliens: Dark Descent With Composer Doyle Donehoo Written By: Gbanas92 Published On: September 12th, 2023     a stand-up fight, Or Another Bug Hunt?   The Alien franchise has had its up and downs. This is particularly true when it comes to games. First […]


Album Review: Forgive Yourself by Luxury Noise

By | Longform

Album Review “Forgive Yourself” by: Luxury Noise Written By: Soft Replica Published: September 6, 2023 Album released: August 11, 2023   Chopped drum breaks. Pads thick as molasses. Sprawling instrumentation. Intricate production flourishes. Vocal vignettes blurring the line between human and synthetic. Ubiquitous samples that are timelessly musical (loon and shakuhachi lovers rejoice). Now that […]


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