District Team!

The Incredible People That Make This Shit Happen

What keeps us coming back to vaporwave is the community. That’s what this project is about – ensuring there is a home for the art, music, and writing these communities make. To showcase the incredibly interesting offerings that vaporwave and the internet music/art community as a whole has in store. To put this amazing work in front of people. Visual artists, musicians, 3D artists, journalists, you name it!

Tune in for ongoing daily, weekly, and monthly segments where we detail the beautiful world of vaporwave through podcasts, videos, events, literature, and most importantly, community interaction. We have a wonderful team of talented fans, artists, and musicians behind this project, and we are excited to get to know the community even better through it. Check out our  About Page  for more info!

Individually we’ve had our hands in many of the pockets of vaporwave over the years – together we bring a wonderful amalgam of talent and knowledge, and are thrilled to be on this journey to try and capture what exactly vaporwave is.


Director / Founder



Production Supervisor














Nostalgia reticulation unit, converting CRT memories into OLED fever dreams. Iridescent trash can, 75% caffeine & GIFs by volume. Cyberspace bouncer business hours/cyberpunk anarchist evenings & weekends. Hi-tek lolife, battery-farm raised on Windows 98 & System 7, roving the information superhighway since the fall of the last geocity. Architect of virtual utopias, disciple of the wave; harvesting organic aesthetic and proffering vaporwave artifacts to the current that they may drift & compile across incalculable spacetimes.

I write and edit fiction and nonfiction, dabble in physical and digital arts, and create goods for IRL vaporscapes as the mad scientist at LuxLabs. I love to lose myself in the current of vapor and let it take me where it will— drifting along the shores of mallsoft, utopian virtual, post-internet, and other xennial watering holes; luxuriating in the glimmering tide pools of golden loops, and rolling in the deep dumpsters of shitposters & meta enthusiasts after a night in the divebars of broken transmission & #buttvapor. The wave is wide & deep, and it has carried you to Utopia District— we welcome you to discover its treasures.

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Assistant Director













M▲XΣMUS is a Producer/Engineer and avid Vaporwave collector.  Whilst building synthesizers, repairing cassette machines, or screen printing – you should probably assume he’s consuming a tangent of Vaporwave essentials and strange unknowns.  He also runs “Itchy Butt Records” and is excited to be a part of our Utopia District.

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Content Supervisor












Vaporwave has long been a passion of mine. To listen to, that is. With no musical bone in my body, I had to find some way into the scene. As it happens, I rather enjoy writing. So I decided to turn those talents toward vaporwave, first with Private Suite Magazine, and now with Utopia District.

I’m obsessed with mallsoft, which I cherish above all, but honestly, I love vaporwave in most of its innumerable forms. When I’m not pining over vaporwave or my ever-growing cassette collection, there are a handful of other things I like to do. Chief among them is gaming, which I do basically every day. And hockey, where I’ve been a Colorado Avalanche fan my entire life.

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Stuad^Dib Production Manager



Stuad^Dib just wants to figure it all out. A Physics degree helped, but it also opened many more questions. He hopes to live to see real social and technological progress lift the world out of the cyberpunk dystopia it’s in, but until then he’ll have to cope with the warm numbing embrace of vapor.


Will Wade  Content Creator



Will “the whole album” Wade is a diehard music fan, listens to everything and anything and will convince you why you should like an album even if he hates it. One half of the duo Eyeclick, noise music producer, visualist and writer this wildcard wouldn’t be caught dead sitting in silence.



Darkfez  Content Editor



Darkfez Futuretro is your VaporGramps, nearly the oldest critter in vaporwave. You adopted this aesthetic; he was born to it. Graduate of the class of 1988. Once upon a time, a New Romantic and OG (Original Goth. Yeah, he’s old.). Detesting mall-walkers, he loves the layered post-capitalist nostalgia of mallsoft. Will boogy to city pop and future funk with the correct inducements. Go on. Make an offer.

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BDuranX2  |  Content Creator

The Brian of our timeline is a translator by trade and writer by insolence. IRL he’s likely passing the time going against the very will of God by letting people who speak two different languages communicate. He likes music and can’t play or produce, but he writes stuff, sometimes even coherently. He collects VHS, vinyl and cassettes. He’s always saying he doesn’t listen to vaporwave that much anymore. He lies.


Prenoko  |  Production Manager


You might recognize Prenoko from his trademark mullet and hip threads. He grew up playing nintendo and utilizing services like napster and mp3.com. Listens to everything because he’s always searching for the best song for any conceivable scenario. Leans towards classic vapor and plunderphonic styles.

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DJ Nonn  |  Content Editor

An audio enthusiast and ex-radio host, DJ Nonn consumes the endless flow of vaporwave so you don’t have to. Bringing you reviews of must-listen albums and weekly concept mixes on YouTube, the DJ never shies away from a chance to share boundary-pushing music.

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Priestess  |  Art Director

Priestess is a vaporwave artist from the US, but based in a realm of her own making.  On any given day, you can find the Priestess strolling through her psychedelic gardens under a colorful sky, populating it with Greek heroes and heroines. Or perhaps you will find her in the underworld crafting and conversing with skulls. But either way, you will discover a bit of her in all her creations.

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Dreamingdenizon  |  Content Facilitator

Dreaming Denizen

International Vaporwaver of Mystery and Utopia District’s Resident Eccentric, dreamingdenizen is our Content Facilitator working with their old comrade Josh.exe. Wavin’ for almost a decade now, DD is a crazed aficionado, voracious vinyl collector, reluctant writer, pretentious overthinker and critic, fringe radical philosopher and stoned theologian, friend to all dogs, and world traveler. If you get tired of their antics, blame cerulea_d.lux for bringing them back into the community and cast your eggs that direction.


C A S I N O  |  Content Creator

c a s i n o

May have a drinking problem. Definitely has a gambling problem. But on the side, he is a proud lover/merciless critic of vaporwave and all things aesthetic. Can’t produce music or make art to save his life, but he can write… sort of ok? Regardless, the vaporwave scene is stuck with him, at least until disco makes a comeback.



SquizzleKop  |  Creator / Visual Artist 

Maker of small objects and moments. While I’m mostly working in the Audio/Visual realm these days, I have a long history of playing in the experimental art and music spaces. Explorations in circuit bending and mixed visual forms lead me to a place where I eventually tumbled into vaporwave tripping over its many sub-genres. One thing led to another and I fell in love. Decided to try my hand at visual work and something just clicked. Looking forward to making visions a reality here at Utopia District.

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Hydra ヒドラ  |  Creator / Visual Artist

Hydra ヒドラ (Hidora) is a 3D environment designer who has been working in digital and traditional 3D art for almost 8 years. – My artwork is fueled by my obsession with Futurism, Vaporwave, Analog/Digital Glitch, Astronomy, Science Fiction, Mystery, and of course, music. I aim to have an emotional involvement with the dynamics of modern human life and to visually depict the perception of movement, speed, and change. I am also in love with dreams and the aesthetic of internal subconscious visualization and try to factor this into my work. I only want to show you my dreams of the future, enjoy them if you will. Thank you for being here.

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Nicoquota  |  Content Creator

Nicoquota is a YouTuber and writer in the US, specifically Ohio. He has a chronic shitposting problem and has a fetish for N64 character models. – My style of content is definitely a mix of EmpLemon and BlameItOnJorge. I love going down rabbit holes and exploring topics that others may not know about, or just taking something simple and expanding on it. I write mostly features with some reviews sprinkled in. My goals are to be somewhat successful and well known in the Vaporwave scene and to create a name for myself. Also I would like Pad Chennington to follow me on Twitter.

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Voiture <3  |  Content Creator

안녕하새요! I’m known as Voiture around these parts. When not racing across cyberspace, you can find me playing video games, enjoying foreign language, listening to old-school K-Pop with my grandmother, and learning about philosophy, true-crime, strange occurrences, and religion while I take long walks around my neighborhood. I’m a chronic music lover. I love vaporwave and its affiliated genres, as well as jams including but not limited to 60s hits, surf-rock, old-school and underground hip-hop and rap (R.I.P. DOOM), and 80-90s K-Pop. Find me on the digital high seas, catching the wave with New Coke and living in the present-tense. 파이팅!!!

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Matsu  |  Content Creator

Cardian Matsu is a collector of all things related to the vaporwave scene, from physical media to the less tangible form that is knowledge of its history. An active participant in journalism, music, visuals, label management, and community outreach in the past, they strive to enrich everyone with the history of what they are experiencing so that they may further understand its meaning to the greater community. In working with Utopia District, they hope to use this knowledge to directly write pieces which express an interest and love for the work which they have been able to listen to over the years, as well as analyze works on a more critical level to dig out deeper value that has been missed upon its release. Up to the point of this being written they have worked with, to varying degrees: Pad Chennington, Vapor Memory, Vapourban, Private Suite Media, Fotoshoppe, VWTBR, and other outlets in order to provide help and work with as many representatives of the rich culture within the genre that there is. In spare time, they also enjoy playing Tekken and various other fighting games.

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