What’s really in a number?

There’s something for everyone in vaporwave if you dig deep enough, and while we want to bring light to as many of these dark corners, we want to do so with as much transparency as possible. Below you will find a breakdown of our scoring system, and what we mean when we give an album, book, movie, or what-have-you a certain score. 

Likewise, a review shouldn’t solely be reduced to its number. Yes, a number is nice and makes things easier to quantify, but there’s more to a work of art than that. These scores should serve as an accompaniment to the wonderful words our writers have shaped for you, not as the sole point of interaction.



Absolute perfection. While the release may not be entirely devoid of flaws, there are either very few, or they are so minute as to not be a significant detractor. This is the type of product you will find yourself talking about for years to come. The type of thing that will continue to live alongside you and into the distant future.


Phenomenal. While it may not be perfect, this is still something that comes with a resounding recommendation. Maybe it doesn’t have broad appeal, or maybe there a few head-scratching moments. But overall it’s a product you not only recommend, but will likely be bugging your friends to check out for a few months. 


Very good. While the project may not be the most consistent thing in the world, there are quite a few redeeming qualities to it nonetheless. Even with its lulls, there is something about this that is still good enough for it to be worth recommending. An uneven, but ultimately successful foray.


Decent. The inoffensive type of thing that generally doesn’t garner a stronger reaction, either in the affirmative or in the negative. This product runs a perfect middle-line, with either a couple of serious flaws or an absence of that extra something that could really make it magical.


Underwhelming. Something that while not completely devoid of redeeming elements, is certainly struggling to stay afloat. While some areas may border on being good or even excellent, the quality either fluctuates too wildly to impress, or very rarely shows up in the first place.

If you have questions or thoughts about our grading policy, please reach out to contact@utopiadistrict.com