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The Vaporwave scene and internet culture at large move pretty fast, and it can be hard to get a finger on what’s going on. From musical happenings to cyber politics, the Utopia District News Team keeps their eyes and ears open to bring the latest to you.

The Headlines

Hot Takes Volume 1

Another opportunity to support the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund

April 14, 2024


A Charity Compilation Featuring:
luxury elite, Whitewoods, Luxury Noise, Eyeclick, Dan Mason, Enraile, FrankJavCee, Groovy Kaiju , strip_silence,
Nmesh, Fire Toolz, Donor Lens and more

All donations will go to Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, which helps children in Gaza receive meals and medical aid:




In benefit of the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund

March 24, 2024

Quiz has organized an online fundraiser for the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (

Date: Saturday, April 27, 2024

with performances by:
👁🗨📲 + luxury noise + strip_silence + luxuryelite + YUNG SHIRO 白 + Pad Chennington + frankjavcee + FIBRE + wizard of loneliness + Discoholic 🪩 + Trucks Passing Trucks + DONOR LENS + Skeleton Lipstick + GIANT CLAW + FIGHTING ISLAND + BE CAREFUL + ALOE OBSCURA + SAINT PEPSI

Nostalgia Lounge: Sanctuary Live

Vaporwave to celebrate and support the trans community

March 17, 2024

Crystal Eternal is organizing a URL benefit show to support trans people affected by Ohio’s recent anti-trans laws.

Date: Sunday, March 31st, 2024 (National Transgender Day of Visibility)

For updates, follow @CRYSTALxETERNAL on Twitter and Instagram.

All Good Things Come in Three’s

The end of an era

August 5th, 2022

The Final Album of the Mélonade Trilogy will be released on August 5th on Business Casual and will get the wax treatment on vinyl at My Pet Flamingo at a later date. This one will sure to draw a crowd so make sure you sent you calendars and stay tune to the twitter feeds and follow the artist and labels on bandcamp for future updates as the date gets closer.

A Record of Culture and a Fine Addition to your Collection!

Nice record Senpai ^-~

June 15, 2022

Friday! Friday! Friday! Bandcamp Friday! Get your record buying fingers ready, A legend of the past is finally heading for the hot wax treatment. Hentai Mixtape by Imcopav will go live on Doki Doki Beats along with a SUPER limited run of Sega box set cassettes! Release is scheduled for noon EST!!!! I know I will be setting an alarm for this one. The Record looks great in pink and black swirl, with a vibrant pink cover. This one will go quick so set aside some time to jump on this. Or don’t and give me a better shot at it 😛

VAPORSHAVE presented by Daydream Deluxe

Vaporwave for a cure!

March 18, 2022

This weekend [MARCH 19(US)//MARCH 20(AUS)] Daydream Deluxe is putting on a Vaporwave fundraiser with a Donation goal of $1000. Proceeds will go to the Leukemia Foundation. The line up as some genre favorites such as POP UP!, DUCAT, DAN MASON, and many many more. for a full line up check out this tweet, brought to you in multiple time zones for the timezone impaired! The QR code to the left will be used for making donations so if you have a little extra to spare in these tight times think you can scan the QR code and help those in need.

Give 🕊 a chance

Massive comp for a cause

March 6, 2022

An Anti war compilation put together by Global Pattern, Liminal Garden, DreamShore Tapes, Hairs aBlazin’, No Problema Tapes, Seaside Tapes, The Tidal Charm, Underwater Computing, VAAV Social Club & Vapor Memory, went live today to support charitable organizations that are currently helping those affected by the current events in Ukraine. The Comp consists of 75 tracks, some released for the first time ever. the album premiered today at 6PM EST on Youtube as well. It can be purchased from DreamShore Tapes, No Problema Tapes, and Cityman Productions.

Bandcamp and Epic Games Team Up!

Is this Epic or not?

March 2, 2022

New broke recently that Bandcamp and Epic Games would be teaming up. From a Bandcamp blog post, not much will change. It seems they will begin to work on the internals to improve site capabilities such as streaming, app development, and payment systems. Epic Games has made headlines with its free game releases and exclusives, its innovations may help Bandcamp move to the next level. Only time will tell if this move will be a community boon or not. releases some big news on the future look of physical vaporwave media

Print me right round baby!

January 19, 2022

Big news from twitter, we are stepping into a new age of vaporwave physicals! We are talking about FULL COLOR wrap around printing on cassette shells. Sporting such features as “vibrant CMYK colours hitting all the way to the bottom edge” and from the example picture they look great! We can expect vaporwave artists to push the envelope of this medium and create some true works of art. Our two cents, we will also see an increase in price of cassettes due to the difference in price. Either way we will have truly unique cassette releases in the near future. We at UD can’t wait to see what lies down the road.

Exclusive Death’s Dynamic Shroud.wmv Album now up for order on Bandcamp

Get it while it’s hot!

October 26, 2021 

According to their Twitter, 世界大戦OLYMPICS is now up for the general public on their Bandcamp page! Previously DDS released it as an exclusive album for their Mixtape Club members only as a pre-sale. Go grab yours while they are still available and don’t miss out on this epic cassette. A solid addition to any fan’s collection.

Lost Angles and No Problema featured on Bandcamp Daily!

1/3 of the labels mentioned were Vaporwave labels.

October 21, 2021 

Today’s Tape Label Report featured a bright red cassette tape in its header emblazon with the Lost Angles  logo. This tape, 猫 シ Corp.’s News at 11 , was on display as example of what the label has to offer. Their message of inclusion and  access to lesser known artists has boosted them to the top as a major Vaporwave label.  Another behemoth in the scene mentioned was DMT tapes, who we covered last month on their 1000th tape release. Their latest major release was an 8 hour collection called  SLEEP CENTER™ . Its always nice to see Vaporwave make it to the front of the news on Bandcamp, given the popularity of the platform across vaporwave artists. It goes to show that Vaporwave is still moving and shaking, in the present day.

Big news from PLUS100 Records and VAPERROR

California show in Oakland, Santa Ana, and San Diego!

October 11, 2021 

PLUS100 has been quiet for a few months, but broke the silence to deliver some big news! VAPERROR is coming to California and will be doing a show in Oakland, Santa Ana, and San Diego. Get Tickets HERE. Previously SOLD OUT records will be for sale at the shows with such classics as Mana Pool and POLYCHROMATIC COMPILER. Big things coming in the near future as the label seems to be picking up steam again. For more details check out the latest community post on bandcamp.

Debut of Juneau Music Systems LTD

New direction for Kyonpalm

September 27, 2021 

The announcement came from kyonpalm‘s bandcamp, Monday night. Kyonpalm has a new project known as Juneau Music Systems LTD, which will be taking a new direction in sound than previous releases. The debut album, Point of Entry, is currently up on the projects bandcamp page. Pre-orders are up for Cassette (limit 100) and Vinyl (limit 200). Check out the album over on Juneau Music LTD’s bandcamp page. If you are a fan of synths and 80’s beats this will be right up your alley.
***Update 10/8/2021*** Vinyl pre-order is now up on Qrates


Emmy Oscar by Unaired Sitcom

September 26, 2021 

DMT Tapes has rolled over to the big 1k with the release of Emmy Oscar by Unaired Sitcom. A milestone for this behemoth of the vaporwave community. Hailing form the Sunshine state of Florida, DMT Tapes has been in the game since 2014 and shows zero signs of slowing down. We at Utopia District can’t wait to see what is around the bend for this cornerstone of the community. Check out the album Emmy Oscar over on their bandcamp page and enjoy the smooth jazzy sounds.

Agora Road Celebrates 2,000 Members with Celebration Album!

Listening party to be announced

Agora Roads has hit a major milestone in their journey as they celebrate hitting 2000 members! This occasion will be commemorated by a compilation album comprised of songs from its user base. This comp will be composed of user submissions, 1 track per artist. For more details head over to this post on the Agora Roads forum. Congratulations to Agora Roads and may your community continue to grow!

Floristic Regions Vol 2 sold out on Qrates!

You love to see it!

Floristic Regions Vol 2 has sold out on Qrates! a milestone achievement for the artist. Vinyl has been a staple in the physical collectors world for a while now. Many artists only dream of making the leap from cassette to getting their work pressed in vinyl. The smooth an sultry take on classic mallsoft sound makes this album a treat to listen to. Check out the album on the bandcamp page or keep an eye out on Qrates for the hope of a second pressing.

LoungeNet is coming back!

Submit your music!

 Pad announced on August 12 that he will be bringing back his submission-based YouTube channel known as Loungenet. If you are interested on getting your project featured submit your work to this email:, Check out the announcement on Twitter.

FrankJavCee Wavestation Remixed

It’s a Re-Re-Re-Remix!

 Wavestation by FrankJavCee remixed by big names such as Dan Mason, Hi I’m Chris, Equip, and 3d Blast up on spotify go check them out!

Night Light Tapes announcement to the masses


After a long hiatus the minds behind Night Light Tapes have one cryptic message for twitter… “soon”. What is yet to come from this long standing label? Who knows? We shall stay tuned for an announcement. While we all wait check out their Twitter and Bandcamp pages.

15 New Songs From GOLDEN LIVING ROOM and t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者


Topping off  a list of 22 original tracks and 2 bonus tracks is another 15 songs that went unreleased from the original on 11 April 2015. Go check them out The album can be found on the albums Bandcamp Page. Check out the announcement on Twitter.

Hiraeth Records Website Rebuild

Process improvement and synergy!

Hiraeth Records asks that people use their bandcamp for now. when construction is done their new split distribution network will be in place. USA costumers rejoice!

Vaporwave Up and Comers 2021 Released

Don’t sleep on these.

Looking for something new? check out this album curated by Halcyon Tapes, this track oozes with potential and vapor grooves. cassettes still available on their bandcamp!

Trademarks & Copyrights’ Farewell Album 

The final album by a true legend

The final album from one of the greatest Argentinian vaporwave producers. check it out over at bandcamp.

Hiraeth Records Future Plans Revealed!

Teaser Video linked below

The update covers how Hiraeth Records plans to deal with the intricacies of Brexit effecting their operations and a  Teaser Video  on what is around the corner. The solution appears to be a new store front online and splitting their inventory across two continents. Needless to say Hiraeth Records are working tirelessly to support their customer base and making it easier to continue to do business in spite of the current economic changes.  More…

DAFT LOVE is out! 

A vaporwave tribute compilation!

Kanga Korp’s tribute of the Vaporwave & adjacent scenes to farewell the Electronic duo Daft Punk. here is Bandcamp

New Album From OSC – Yume No Machi 

Out Friday April 16

New album coming this BC Friday from MyPetFlamingo on CD, Vinyl, Cassette, and MiniDisc. Click for album teaser and label twitter

Introducing: Bandcamp Live! 

URL Shows, here we come!

Bandcamp’s very own livestreaming ticket-based service! Read our article for further details!




Utopia District News Team



Utopia District News Team