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Hiraeth Records Future Plans Revealed!

Teaser Video linked below

The update covers how Hiraeth Records plans to deal with the intricacies of Brexit effecting their operations and a Teaser Video on what is around the corner. The solution appears to be a new store front online and splitting their inventory across two continents. Needless to say Hiraeth Records are working tirelessly to support their customer base and making it easier to continue to do business in spite of the current economic changes. More…

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The Vaporwave scene and internet culture at large move pretty fast, and it can be hard to get a finger on what’s going on. From musical happenings to cyber politics, the Utopia District News Team keeps their eyes and ears open to bring the latest to you.

More Headlines!

Trademarks & Copyrights’ Farewell Album

The final album by a true legend

The final album from one of the greatest Argentinian vaporwave producers.

DAFT LOVE is out!

A vaporwave tribute compilation!

Kanga Korp’s tribute of the Vaporwave & adjacent scenes to farewell the Electronic duo Daft Punk.


New Album From OSC – Yume No Machi.

Out Friday April 16


New album coming this BC Friday from MyPetFlamingo on CD, Vinyl, Cassette, and MiniDisc. Click below for album teaser and twitter post

Introducing: Bandcamp Live!

URL Shows, here we come!

Bandcamp Live

Bandcamp’s very own livestreaming ticket-based service! Read our article for further details!




Utopia District News Team



Utopia District News Team