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Feature: Censorship And Copyright In Cascading Cyberspace

By | Articles/Features

Feature Censorship And Copyright In Cascading Cyberspace Written By: Voiture <3     First Class Collective’s DMCA Strike, A Shrinking Habitat, and a new revolution   First Class Collective, a notable vaporwave record label, had their cassette release of Marina II by TUPPERWAVE shot down by a DMCA strike. This is, of course, due to […]

Podcast Episode 6: The District Is Alive Tonight!

By | Podcast

You have arrived at Utopia District, the premiere destination for vaporwave, future funk & internet music, art, culture, and community! Feel free to visit our website! 
Welcome, and please enjoy your stay! 
Today we are in the…

Quick Look: Sunsets

By | Quick Look

Quick Look Sunsets By Paradise of Yesterday Album art by Mimi B. Similar in prose to the more exuberant, rhythm-driven ethos of mid-2010s vapor, Sunsets is a short run of tracks that run akin to the type of sound that 猫 シ Corp. (Cat System Corp) presented in the earlier stages of his career. Each […]



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We love to write, and we love vaporwave. That’s why we take pride in empowering the community with a home to showcase their work, bringing to you some incredible vaporwave content. Hit us up on  Twitter  or  Discord  if you’d like to write with us! Check out our Text page for a full review of our offerings, include but not limited to:


We want to keep you up to date on what is happening in the scene and community. No more FOMO! Also digital and physical album reviews, and so much more.


Interviews with labels, musicians, visualists, community members and more! Not to be confused with our Podcast Interviews!


This is where the good stuff happens. An experimental approach to showcasing deeper looks into artists, merch, trends, and more!



Your favorite interviews are back! We’ve done months of planning to bring you some incredibly awesome artist deep dives, and unique looks into the incredibly vast history of such a young community.

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Who doesn’t love a good ol’ vapor video essay.

Art Exhibits

You can’t have vaporwave without art. That’s why we’re using this space to showcase the amazing creations from the 3D artists, illustrators, album designers, and visualists in the vaporwave and adjacent communities. We don’t get Bandcamp emails when visual artists put things out – it is our duty here at UD to provide these exhibits.

We’ll try to have a fully fledged showcase for you here every month or two: here!

For now, check out these amazing visual artists below!

Vapor Priestess

        Vapor Priestess

        Mystic Panda



Tropical Virtual

                           Tropical Virtual