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Episode 009

Vapor 2021 Selections

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Hello and welcome back to the Utopia District  podcast! ✨ We’ve got a fun episode for you today, so kick back as Indy and the UD team cover some latest vaporwave news, look at our Aesthetic Archives, discuss upcoming vaporwave events, and break down the recent Utopia District Christmas special. A wrap up of another great year of Vaporwave with a fond look back at Utopia District and the vaporwave communities favorite albums of 2021. Join Indy, Gbanas92, DJ Nonn, Maxemus, Charavale, mallbert, and Pizza SLT for this great episode!

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Discussion Topics

Vaporwave Fiction Writing: Shadows in Neon City
Weekly YouTube Show: Luxury Aesthetics Online
Utopia District’s: Favorite Vaporwave Albums of 2021
Christmas Special VHS: BUY NOW!
Watch the Christmas Special here: https://youtube.com/watch?v=PEh7NcJ-DWY 

Vaporwave Christmas Music: Complete Archive
The Weekend using Tomoko Aran’s song: The Weeknd – Out of Time (Official Audio) 
Astro Mega – Channel 20: https://astromegamusic.bandcamp.com/album/channel-20 
Thothep’sReddit Post 

Vaporwave News

Vektroid’s return to Prism Genesis with Fiji Grid TV EX 
10 Year Anniversary of IF’s Euphoria coming up July 2022

Vaporwave Events

Latin All Stars 2022 – Upcoming Vapor Festival 
VaporRave – Feb 26th : IRL in Brooklyn, NY – Tickets on sale here 
Virtual Memory 29 

Release Radar

New Infinity Frequencies – Exit Simulation
New US GOLF 95 release – VICES

Merch / Market (Physicals)

Chocobo & Chill
Black Materia: The Remake
Telepath vinyl pre-order completed
Endlesswaters tape collection boxset release
New Desert Sands Feels Warm at Night physical-only tape

Music We Played On This Episode

 DATAGIRL – Merry Christmas
 SkyTwoHigh ft. Mallbert – 母乳
 tÆ ┬▌mΣ – Sheets
 Mega Ran & GameChops – Black Materia: The Remake – Lifestream
 Pokemon The Movie 2000 – The Legend Comes to Life (Lugia Theme)

Staff on this Episode (Give them a follow!)

Gbanas92 https://twitter.com/gbm_games

DJ Nonn https://twitter.com/dj_nonn

Maxemus https://instagram.com/itchybuttrecords

Charavale https://twitter.com/DrunkOnMedia

mallbert https://twitter.com/Katensu

Pizza SLT https://twitter.com/Pizza_SLT

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