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Episode 013

Corporate Takeover: Exploring the Meaning of Vaporwave and Lost Internet


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Individuality has been lost in the corporate playground that is the internet. We talk about how businesses have dominated the internet and its current state. What does this entail for the erosion of our individuality and our online identities?

Welcome to the Utopia District Podcast! Explore with us the numerous facets of the internet that we have forgotten over time. Remember the day when you could customise your desktop and use special media players? We talk about how these things are now just distant memories and how the internet has transformed.

Do you recall the earlier versions of sites like MySpace? We think back on these previous websites and how they changed through time. But what about the future and development of online art? We talk about where the NFT art is at in 2023.

What does the term “vaporwave” signify to you? What is your interpretation of it? We examine the various ways that vaporwave has been interpreted as well as how the internet has embraced it as a subculture. We also talk about the attractiveness of vaporwave and why people feel such a strong connection to it.

Finally, we talk about the disappointing situation of not being able to communicate your vaporwave experience. Although it might be difficult to put your ideas and feelings regarding this subculture into words, we make an effort to do so here.

Join us as we go deeply into the Vaporwave and Lost Internet worlds.

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Max Head Reviews – Episode 4 | Hypnospace Outlaw and How Play Made the Early Internet

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회사AUTO – Achikochi

l y n x & Hotel Pools – with you


Late Arcane – Neo​-​Pangea

Windows96 – How To See Through Walls

Get Outa Myspace

Halcyon & On & On


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