Utopia District Podcast

Episode 015

Unsung Heroes: The YouTube Pioneers Who Saved Vaporwave

Released: March 15th, 2023

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On today’s episode our conversation revolves around YouTube and the creators that played a crucial role in the continued life and ongoing exploration of the Vaporwave genre. We discuss the extent of YouTube’s place in the cultural resurgence of the genre, and what we owe the people that made the early mixes, and explored the sound.

We will examine how the YouTube platform helped the genre evolve beyond its initial sound & aesthetic, and what the relationship between the platform and the genre means. We recognize the unsung heroes of Vaporwave’s continued existence, and how through YouTube, they shaped and spread the genre. Join us as we explore the significance of YouTube in the Vaporwave movement, and ask the thought-provoking question, would Vaporwave still exist if YouTube did not exist?

Hop on the Utopia District train to find out, through an intriguing conversation on how technology and creativity can shape musical movements, and the potential impacts of online platforms on music cultures.


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Catch us in our Discord server to join in the conversation! https://discord.gg/DVdDzr8



Episode Discussion Links!

Deep Into YouTube

VAPURGATORY – A Documentary About Vaporwave

Nightwave Plaza

WVSQD Linktr.ee

Utopia District YouTube Mixes


Vaporwave YouTuber List:

Follow and support these amazing people!! In no particular order:

Sound Station
Jason Sanders
Sigmund Generous
Hermes Acosta HA
Real Love Music
R y a n C e l s i u s ° S o u n d s
Artzie Music
Deep Sea Current
Vapor Memory
b r h m
Lucien hughes
retro player one
Sun Levi



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Music From The Episode

Good Girl (feat. Lost Travelerロスト)  from[Her Perfumes part 2] by M4

[E S C A P E ] from teertscisum by abdersta

I Got Your Letter – Nmesh.

赤​ワ​イ​ン​と​カ​ミ​ソ​リ​の​刃 from INFINITE SEX GOD by GLOBAL CHILL

Enter Through the Lobby from Hologram Plaza by Disconscious


Lowlights from passion plays by midnight première 


Team Members on this episode!

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