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Episode 012

Vaporwave New York Take Over!

An ElectroniCON3 & Tape Swap 3 Recap


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ElectroniCON is an incredibly important event for the vaporwave and adjacent communities. Presented by George Clanton of 100% Electronica, ElectroniCON 3 was a pilgrimage that brought vaporwave fans together from all over the globe, to Brooklyn NY on August 20th, 2022. Today, one month later, we sit down to reminisce on the fantastical experience of the 2022 New York Vaporwave Community Weekend, including the Tape Swap 3 presented by Utopia District, Club Genki presented by Pacific Plaza Records and Pocari Sweat, and Vaporspace Invaders presented by Vaporspace StL. Join us as we wallow through our memories and video footage of this amazing weekend.

Episode Discussion Topics

Tape Swap 3 & ElectroniCON3 all-videos playlist!

Tape Swap 3 VOD – Hangout and featuring Golden Living Room, JPEGSTRIPES, Videopunks

Augnos’ Full Community Weekend Photo Set (Massive Thread)

Utopia District Poster – Community Signatures Photo

Vaporwave Name Tags by Allure Artworks

Nostalgia Salon

Cerulea Scents

Brass Fair Mall – Photo / Soundcloud

Pad Chennington Weekend Recap Video

Awesome Community Tweets & Photos – Fountain Photo Bomb, Indy Painting Tape Swap Walls, Dan Mason “Where is everyone?!?”, Poland Spring – The New Flavor of Vaporwave, Desert Sand Photo, Pizza Slut Photoshopped, Chris Vaporwave, Distracted DATAGIRL

Explaining the Decks Meme > Vaporwave?, Amen Break, Flash Drives, Fireball, LordDepis Illustration, Skylar Spence, Yung Shiro DJ Screw, gh0st “Please stop fighting!”


Vaporwave Tape Swap 3 Poster (by JavaPlaza)


Vaporwave New York 2022 Community Weekend Map (by JavaPlaza)


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