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Groovy Kaiju


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We are thrilled to be sitting down with Groovy Kaiju (FKA Groovy Godzilla) in the UD studio! Join us for a jam packed episode of groovy proportions! Hailing from Long Beach, California, Aaron has been producing music under the name Groovy Kaiju/Godzilla since 2014 and runs music label / collective Oceanfront Online. He also performs under monikers Marquice Turner & Aviscerall. Please enjoy this amazing conversation with one of the communities greatest!

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Episode Discussion Links: 

Still Groovy Vinyl on Pacific Plaza

Godzilla Got Remastered on Pacific Plaza

Amy Winehouse – Back To Black

Future Society Volume 1

Legend Of The Drunken Master

Xzibit – Paparazzi

Skate Lingo

Emma’s AMV

Moe Shop

How To Start Coding (and keep coding!)

Music Played In This Episode:

Groovy Kaiju – Space Dandy

Groovy Kaiju – Senorita

Groovy Kaiju – Blackenese (For Future Society)

Groovy Kaiju – Anime T-Shirts

Marquice Turner – Miata

Aviscerall – Lullabyes

Groovy Kaiju – Don’t Play No Games

Groovy Kaiju – Live For The Time

Groovy Kaiju – Long Beach Airport

WaveStyle 96 X Groovy Kaiju – Phenomenal

Groovy Kaiju – Blowin’ My Mind

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