Lemmy Just Post (Unravelling the Digital Tapestry) | Episode 17 - Utopia District

Utopia District Podcast

Episode 017

Lemmy Just Post

Unravelling the Digital Tapestry


Released: July 14th, 2023


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“Are you there Lemmy? It’s me, vaporwave.” Welcome to the Utopia District podcast! On today’s episode, Indy, and co-hosts DemoDawg and Crystal Eternal seek to unveil the implications of all the recent tech paradigm shifts and the current reshaping of our digital landscape. 

Our discussion looks to address the changes in the online platforms we use every day, like YouTube’s adblock enforcement, Twitter’s rate limiting, Reddit’s API changes, Discord username updates, Meta’s Twitter competitor “Threads”, Apple Glass, and the rise of federated decentralized social platforms like Mastodon and Lemmy. Join us for a fun and thought-provoking discussion on the potential impact of these transformations on users, content creators, identity, privacy, augmented reality, and the future of social networking. Also, Indy is drunk for this one.


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Summer Slushy Fest 2023 – Brooklyn, NY

Flamingo Fest 2023 (IRL) – Catch One, LA

Join Lemmy!

/c/vaporwave on lemmy.world

TOM CRUISIN / LAY BAC – BABE ESP (from Neon Nights)



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Crystal Eternal – Twitter | Instagram | Bandcamp | Nostalgia Lounge | LinkTree


Music on this Episode!

Lost Traveler ロスト – Whispered Moonlight ft. TUPPERWAVE

Pyroglyphics – One Leaf Clover

Crystal Eternal – It’s For the Paper


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