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Episode 011


A Late Night Lo Fi & Vaporwave Festival Recap

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Hello and welcome back to the Utopia District podcast! ✨ Grab your TV dinner and sit back with us as we reminisce over our massive two-day LATE NIGHT LIGHTS II late night lo fi and vaporwave URL festival, from back on July 16th and 17th, 2022. Find all the musicians and visual/video artist details on the official website at!

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Episode Discussion Topics

We encourage you to check out the official festival website at

  • Creating a stage and shared space for both up and coming and OG artists.
  • The mindset of marrying visual art with a musical soundscape. Techniques and thoughts.
  • Transporting a viewer into a universe.
  • The build up from Late Night Lights 2020 to Late Night Lights II.
  • What putting an event like this together takes.
  • Why we do Late Night Lights, and the future of the festival.
  • ElectroniCON3 and visiting New York in August.
  • Vaporwave Tape Swap (New Lineup!)

Check out the LATE NIGHT LIGHTS II Ultimate Merch Bundle, containing one 4-Disc Blu-ray Collectors Set, 5-Tape Cassette Box-Set with one song from every participating artist, one full-size Late Night Lights event poster in 24″ x 36″, and one Late Night Lights festival T-Shirt (in any size):




蜃気楼MIRAGE – Alone (bonus track via Digital Purchase)

Xiomara – FREAKNIK 1999

Gentleman Lounge Dining Cult – Live @ LATE NIGHT LIGHTS II



Late Night Lights wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the musicians make it up. We are thrilled and honored to work with each and every artist here.

1amBluntz, ADHDNFLBLITZ, Aexion, AGNAR, Ancient Fan Death Studios, b l u e s c r e e n, BABEFAKE, bl00dwave, bodyline, channel select, Chiba City Blues, Clipart Gallery (Patryk Films), Cologne Terminal, Computer Dreams, Cube Underlord, CVLTVRΣ, delaberry, Digi, Enraile, Entrana, exquisite nights, Fornax Void, FutureFunkRocker, General Translator, Gentlemen Lounge Dining Cult, Golden Living Room, Hantasi, Incarta’95, Infinity Frequencies, INTERNET CLUB, Jade, Limousine, Lost Traveler ロスト, luxury elite, MindSpring Memories, Notorious Secret, Opus Science Collective, P A T H S パス, Paradise of Yesterday, Penthouse Suite, Prekursor, PUDERPOLLI, S.a.x, Seggito, Sport3000, strip_silence, SYLLABUS, That’s Matt!, thor cb, Topaz Gang, TV2, Unknown Caller, VAAV SOCIAL CLUB, Vaporsoftworks, VentureX, VHS Logos, VHSテープリワインダー, VITO JAMES GENOVESE, Xenon Masters, Xiomara, YUNG CRYSTAL ネオン, 식료품groceries (JPEGSTRIPES), 회사AUTO, and ミスト M Y S T!

Find all the musician details on the official website, with samples of their work, and where to follow them!



These people do incredible work bringing music to life with their video art and masterful visual production.

Aitso, All Hell Breaks Loops, BruceRav (Pizza Slut), CCTV, Default.cfg, Demodawg, Dub Prophet, IndyAdvant, Keneticwav, Late Arcane, moirebender, MOONSPEED, Pixel8ter, Prekursor, Tesseractive, Shanpu, Siphonophore AV, Spike Stephens, Squizzlekop, and VideodromeTV 🌟

Find all the visual/video artist details on the official website, with samples of their work, and where to follow them!








Dub Prophet

Notorious Secret


We put a lot of work into bringing out our idea of the late night lo fi aesthetic, and are very proud of what we managed to accomplish for our visual design of the event. Hopefully we can transport everyone into our universe and give you an ultimate late night lo fi experience you’ll never forget! This event has been a massive undertaking, and it wouldn’t be possible without your support If you have a minute, feel free to give us a follow on our various platforms to stay up to date with what we have going on! It really helps us keep the lights on. Thank you!!

LATE NIGHT LIGHTS II after parties by All Hell Breaks Loops, and Pocari Online

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